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Oil on wood panel 18x24x1" Saint Alexius U Se-Yong was from a wealthy Korean family, while in his teens he learned the Faith from a Catholic catechist. His father refused to let him be baptized, so Se-Yong ran away. He learned the Faith from catechist Chong Mark, who instructed him in the Faith, baptized him and gave him the Christian name Alexius.His father continued to be hostile, so he went back to live with Chong Mark. He translated Christian books and prayed for the conversion of his family. His father contacted him and asked to learn more about what had captured his heart. Returning home, he instructed his entire family and twenty entered the Church. Then the family moved to a new town to avoid persecution.In 1866 Alexius was visiting Chong Mark when authorities came to arrest them. Alexius renounced the Catholic faith and was released. He even took part in beating another catechist to death. He was so overcome with sorrow and remorse, he confessed to the Bishop to apostasy and murder. He was arrested again, but remained firm in his faith in the face of torture. He was executed on March 11, 1866, at the age of twenty-two.

St. Alexius U Se-Yong

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