For reprinting my art, I found prints on tiles a pleasant alternative. I order them with a soft matte finish on a 6"x8" tile. The tiles can be used on an easel or incorporated into a wall or nicho. The price of $75.00 includes wood easel and shipping.

I can order other sizes per request.

St Margaret of Scotland Tile

Saint Dominick Tile

Saint Clare Tile

Saint Fancis Cabrini Tile

St Casilda of Toledo.JPG

Saint Casilda of Toledo

Saint Monica

Saint John Vianney .JPG
Saint John the Baptist.JPG

Saint John Vianney

Saint John the Baptist

IMG_9873 (2).JPG
IMG_9858 (2).JPG
Margaret of Castello.JPG
christina .JPG

Holy Mary, Mother of God

Saint Rose of Lima

Blessed Margaret Castello

Christina the Astonshing